FIIN continues to be a national and international reference, this seventh edition is proof of the consistent, pertinent and extremely relevant work for education and environmental awareness, but also for the dissemination of the natural heritage that we can still record today.

We have witnessed profound changes on our planet that require a renewed attitude on the part of Humanity, because IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO LIVE LIKE THIS. And cinema, photography and drawing are the tools, in the form of art, that can help reverse this situation on planet Earth, our home.

This year, FIIN brought to Vila Real the usual exhibitions of the Photography, Scientific Drawing and Nature Competitions, an exhibition dedicated to young Portuguese people who competed in their FIIN category.

To date, FIIN has awarded dozens of illustrators, photographers and short film makers from all over the world, subsequently exhibiting throughout the country, through the itinerant version of the Festival.

Visit the exhibitions until December 30 at Teatro de Vila Real!

See who the FIIN2023 awardees were: