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It is between November 15th and 21st that the city of Vila Real receives the 5th edition of the International Nature Image Festival (FIIN), an initiative promoted by the municipality together with numerous partners, who are associated with the event in a joint effort to promote and preserve the natural heritage and awareness of society for nature conservation, catalyzing the debate and reflection on themes with biodiversity and the environment.

The FIIN is, like nature itself, in constant mutation and adaptation, the result of the demands of each moment. Have already visited the locations from Vila Realwith the ” FIIN vai às Freguesias “,and from there it evolved into the “FIIN Itinerante”, spreading the festival’s message across the country and expanding the number of contest categories, of which the Carvalho Araújo award is an example. This year, keeping the evolutionary tradition, the FIIN prepares to cross generations, creating a session of short films on biodiversity dedicated to families (FIIN’Famílias), which will be broadcast on November 21, at the Vila Real Theater.

For this 5th edition, the Exhibitions of Contests of Photography, Drawing and Youth and the Short Film Festival, everything happening in the Vila Real Theater, where the exhibition “Entre Serras – Uma visão sobre o Património Cultural” by photographer Luís Romba, will also be on display, result of a partnership with Terra Maronesa association.
The FIIN’ALL Gala also returns, again in digital format.

Event schedule


DatE Event LocaTION HoUR
November 15th

)Patent until December 30)

Exhibition Opening:

  • Biodiversity Photography
  • Biodiversity Drawing
  • Nature Image Juvenile
Theatre of Vila Real 18:00
November 15th Theatre of Vila Real 21:00
Short Film Festival:

  • Documental I session
November 16th Theatre of Vila Real 21:00
Short Film Festival:

  • Fiction/Experimental session
November 17th Theatre of Vila Real 21:00
Short Film Festival:

  • Ambiental session
November 18th Theatre of Vila Real 21:00
Short Film Festival:

  • Documental II session
November 19th Theatre of Vila Real 20:00
Short Film Festival:

  • Animation session
November 20th Agência de Ecologia Urbana 15:00
Exhibition Opening:

  • Corgo são. Bila sã
November 21th Theatre of Vila Real 16:00
Festival de Curtas-metragens:

  • Family session
November 21th Online 18:00


NOTE: These exhibitions are open during the opening hours of the hosting institutions.