November 11 through December 30, 2019

The exhibitions of FIIN reflect a common goal: Vila Real’s effort to disseminate wildlife images as a way of sensitizing society to the importance of the conservation and preservation of natural heritage. At these magnificent exhibitions everything can be seen, since images of great primates and other threatened animals, captured by renowned photographers around the world, to images of the biodiversity of Vila Real captured by our young photographers.

Biodiversity Photography Exhibition

This exhibition aims to show the best images of the Biodiversity Photography Contest 2019. The Biodiversity Photography Contest has as main goal promoting the natural biologic heritage themes especially the natural regions, the ecosystems, the habitats and the fauna and flora wild species. 73 contestants of 9 nationalities participated with 412 images distributed by the four contest categories: Birds, Other Fauna, Flora and Funghi and Landscape and Natural Habitats. The jury was represented by Duarte Carvalho, João Cosme and Rui Guerra.

Teatro de Vila Real

Drawing Exhibition of Nature and Scientific


This exhibition collects some of the works presented in the Biodiversity Drawing Competition | 2019. In this edition participated 122 contestants of 27 nationalities in a total of 158 works presented in two categories: Scientific Drawing and Nature Drawing, some of which were selected for this exhibition. The main goal of the Biodiversity Drawing Competition is the promotion and preservation of the biodiversity itself, besides the motivation for the development of an artistic expression representing fauna and flora species through the selection and classification of works/drawings/pictures related to this theme. It equally intends to promote the picture and the scientific drawing, an important support for the production of documents of a scientific nature and promote the participant growth that portraits the wild natural heritage, besides looking for the release of a debate and a reflection of the society’s need to know, to promote, and to conserve the biodiversity.

Teatro de Vila Real

Biodiversity Exhibition – New Talents


This exhibition brings together some works resulting from two initiatives integrated in the International Festival of Nature Image, which in addition to the promotion of the artistic side helps the promotion, dissemination and conservation of nature.

The works of youth photography course and the nature drawing workshop are evident at this edition.

Teatro de Vila Real