November 15 through December 30, 2021

The exhibitions of FIIN reflect a common goal: Vila Real’s effort to disseminate wildlife images as a way of sensitizing society to the importance of the conservation and preservation of natural heritage. At these magnificent exhibitions everything can be seen, since images of great primates and other threatened animals, captured by renowned photographers around the world, to images of the biodiversity of Vila Real captured by our young photographers.

Biodiversity Photography Exhibition

This exhibition aims to show the best images of the Biodiversity Photography Contest 2021.

In this fifth edition of the International Nature Image Festival (FIIN) participated in the Photography Contest 105 competitors, from 29 nationalities, with 491 images, distributed by the four categories of the Contest: Birds, Other Fauna, Flora and Fungi and Landscapes and Natural Habitats.
55 images are displayed in this exhibition, including the three best images in each category and the grand prize, entitled “Carvalho Araújo” for the best photography in the 2021 Competition.
Special thanks to the members of the competition jury who evaluated and rated the images:
Carlos Sousa, João Cosme and Luís Quinta.

Teatro de Vila Real

Biodiversity Drawing Exhibition

The main objective of the FIIN Biodiversity Drawing Contest is the dissemination and preservation of biodiversity itself, in addition to the motivation for the development of an artistic expression, representing species of fauna and flora, through the selection and classification of works related to this thematic.
It also intends to promote illustration and scientific drawing, an important support for the production of scientific documents and encourage the growth of participants that portray the wild natural heritage, in addition to seeking to launch the debate and reflection of society on the need to know, promote and conserve biodiversity.
In the 2021 edition, 101 competitors of 31 nationalities participated, in a total of 169 works, presented in two categories: Scientific Drawing and Nature Drawing, some of which were selected for exhibition and respective catalogue.
Special thanks to the competition jury, constituted by Marco Correia, Marcos Oliveira and Maria Ferreira, for the collaboration, commitment and availability shown in the selection process of the awarded works.

Teatro de Vila Real

Biodiversity Exhibition – New Talents


This chapter dedicated to young people is of great importance for the pursuit of FIIN’s noblest objective: the awakening of consciences.
In order to raise awareness of the theme of conservation of natural heritage, instilling in them a taste for nature photography and drawing, FIIN launched the Youth Image of Nature competition in the previous year’s edition.
The competition is aimed at young people aged 8 to 18 in Vila Real district, who participated with photographs and drawings dedicated to the natural biological heritage, namely natural regions, ecosystems, habitats and species of wild fauna and flora. Thus, we present the works selected from the two categories: Photography, which had 24 works presented by 16 participants and Nature Drawing, in this category 22 works were submitted by 21 participants.
We are grateful to the members of the jury for this edition Chi Pardelinha, Carlos Santelmo, Catarina Lima, Luis Romba and Tiago Magalhães, for the work done.

Teatro de Vila Real

Nature Drawing Exhibition: Botanical Illustration Workshop

As part of the International Nature Image Festival (FIIN 2021), the Municipality of Vila Real promoted a fourteen-hour nature drawing workshop, given by Maria Romão Ferreira. In this workshop, the basic principles of Botanical Illustration, method, technique and materials for illustrations in watercolor and graphite were addressed, in an “Essay from the Kew Gardens collection on works by various illustrators”.
The sessions consisted of the presentation of contents, demonstration of the technique, monitoring of the work, supervision and evaluation of the work. Trainees could acquire the necessary knowledge to be able and autonomous to develop work with application of the technique presented. During the training, there were also small sessions to analyze the work developed by several authors.
In addition to the motivation for the development of an artistic expression, this workshop had the following main objectives:
– promote the representation of botanical species;
– dissemination of knowledge in areas that are still little known (an important support for the production of books of a scientific nature, with the detailed representation of anatomical details, which greatly contribute to didactic and educational enrichment).
From the excellent quality of the material produced, the works gave rise to this exhibition.
Once again, we thank you for your interest and participation in our drawing workshop and we congratulate all participants for the excellent work produced.

Teatro de Vila Real

Exhibition “Corgo são. Bila sã”

As part of the FIIN 2021 program, the Municipality of Vila Real presents the exhibition that brings together the work developed by young people from Vila Real in the “Corgo são. Bila sã” summer camp.

The summer camp took place at the Vila Real Science Center, dedicated to the theme of the environment. Its objective was to promote active and intervening citizenship in the area of sustainable development, empowering young people to protect natural resources, with a special focus on water, air and environmental noise, and focused on transmitting notions of territorial preservation as a vector of quality of life and health of the population.

Over two weeks, the youngsters had the opportunity to develop experimental, playful activities and deepen their knowledge of the Corgo River.

This project was nominated by the Municipality of Vila Real to the Environmental Fund.

Agência de Ecologia Urbana