The Biodiversity Photography Contest has as main objective to promote the theme of biological natural heritage, namely the natural regions, the ecosystems, the habitats and the species of wild fauna and flora, through the selection and classification of photographs related to this theme. It also intends to promote nature photography and promote its growth and development, in addition to launching the debate and reflection of society on the need of knowing, promoting and conserving biodiversity.

2020 Winners


category “Birds”

1st place – Norberto Esteves, (Portugal)


2st place – Md Al Amin Partho, (Bangladesh)


3st place – Jacob Kaptein, (Países Baixos)


category “Another Fauna”

1st place – Víctor Ortega Horcajo, (Espanha)

2st place – Mario Cea Sanchez, (Espanha)

3st place – Artur Stankiewicz, (Polónia)


category “Flora and Fungi”

1st place – David Frutos Egea, (Espanha)

2st place – Marcio Antonio Esteves Cabral, (Brasil)

3st place – Peter Eggenhuizen, (Australia)


category “Landscape and Natural Habitats”

1st place – Marco Nuno Gonçalves Moura, (Portugal)

2st place – Ivan Pedretti, (Itália)

3st place – Mário Andre Barros da Cunha, (Portugal)


Carvalho Araújo Award

Marcio Antonio Esteves Cabral, (Brasil)