All the continents are already represented in the competitions, with more than 1500 works under selection

The 3 competitions of the International Festival of Nature Image of this year edition have recorded a high participation so far. With only 22 days left to the deadline of submissions, the number of works submitted to the contest has already exceeded, in all 3 competitions, more than 1500. The number of countries that are participating in the competition has already surpassed the mark of last year, with a total of 94 countries representing all the continents of the planet.

The scientific design and nature competition is the one that has registered the highest participation compared to the previous year. So far, more than 250 illustrations have been submitted, with Russia being the most representative country.

The nature photography competition also has a significant increase when compared to the previous year, with more than 400 images submitted.

With 873 submissions to date, the contest for biodiversity short films is led by Iran, with a total of 87 films. It is also remarkable the participation growth of the United States (68 films), Portugal (39 films) and Brazil (36), values much higher than those of the previous year.

The deadline for submissions is the June 30 of 2018 at The Organizing Committee also provides the electronic address for any clarification of questions about the competitions.