The Gala of the festival held on November 18, 2018, at the Vila Real Theater, was marked by the announcement and awarding of the three contests of Nature Image Festival and the presentation of the Carvalho Araújo award for the best image competition.
The awards of the contest of the Nature and Scientific Drawing Contest were presented by Dr. Paula Seixas de Oliveira, Pro-Rector of the University of Trás os Montes and Alto Douro, and by Dr. Marco Nunes Correia, jury member of ther Drawing contest.
Both highlighted the importance of design for scientific knowledge and the increase in quantity and especially quality of work compared to the previous edition.
The awards of the contest of Biodiversity Photography were presented by Hélder Viana, representing Quercus and by Rui Guerra, jury member of the Biodiversity Photography contest.
This contest was the one with the highest number of winners, due to the number of categories included in the contest: “Birds”, “Other Fauna”, “Flora and Fungi” and “Landscape”. These awards had a novelty, the delivery of the Carvalho Araújo aword by the President Eng. Rui Santos.
One of the most expected moments of the Gala – the revelation of the winning short film, “Hybrids” a frach film made by Kim Brabuch, Matthieu Pujol, Yohan Thireau and Romain Thiron who received the award from the hands of Mafalda Vaz de Carvalho, councilwoman of the Environment of the Vila Real Municipality. Hybrids is an animation that portrays the problems of ocean pollution and the consequences for marine fauna.

FIIN 2018 Winners

Science and Nature Drawing Contest

Category “Nature Drawing”
1st Place – Maria Alice de Rezende (Brazil)
2nd Place- Robert James Long, (USA)
3rd Place – Natalia Gabeeva, (Russia)

Category “Science Drawing”
1st Place – Robert James Long, (USA
2nd Place – Dorian Noel, (Ecuador)
3rd Place – Berta Paramo, (Spain)

Biodiversity Photography Contest

Category “Birds”
1st Place – Maurício Adelino Lopes Soares, (Portugal)
2nd Place – – Gabriela Schuck de Oliveira, (Brazil)
3rd Place – Sérgio do Vale Esteves, (Portugal)

Category “Other Fauna”
1st Place – Maurício Adelino Lopes Soares, (Portugal)
2nd Place – Adria Lopes Baucells, (Spain)
3rd Place – Allan Castañeda, (Philippines)

Category “Flora and fungi”
1st Place – Shakhavan Osmani, (Iran)
2nd Place – Daniel Santos, (Portugal)
3rd Place – Joaquim Aurélio da Silva Rodrigues, (Portugal)

Category “Landscape”
1st Place Sérgio Henrique Nilson Backes, (Brazil)
2nd Place – – Rui Cortes, (Portugal)
3rd Place – Gabriel Varalla Groppi, (Brazil)

Carvalho Araújo Award

Pranab Basak, (India)

Short Film Competition

1st Place – “Hybrids”, realized by Kim Tailhades, Florian Brauch, Matthieu Pujol, Yohan Thireau e Romain Thiron, (France)